Measure, manage and reduce your CO₂ emissions.

Execute your carbon strategy collaboratively, based on the best data available, and seize business opportunities.

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Measure, manage, reduce and communicate.

Simplify your CO₂ management

Using our software, you will decrease the complexity and time required to measure, analyse and report your carbon footprint.

Add guaranteed data and carbon emission factors
Use global standards (GHG Protocol and ISO 14064)
Collaborate across teams with ease

Take action

Take effective measures by focusing on expected emission reductions (CO₂e) and financial returns.

Set science-based targets
Make data-driven decisions
Select measures from our library

Involve stakeholders

Easily report and communicate your commitment, progress and results with employees, customers, investors and the world.

Report to Excel and other formats
Share dashboard views
Export data for own use

Carbon management eBook

Download this free eBook and find out how our cloud-based tool helps measure, manage, and reduce your organisation’s CO₂ impact.

carboncap is all about easy data collection, tracking and validation and developing your carbon reduction roadmap.

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Simple to use, with powerful features

Data quality assurance

Collect the data needed to get going, reliably and conveniently. We offer total quality assurance for collected data and CO₂ emission factors.

Global standards

Calculate your carbon footprint per leading global standards like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064.

Turn plans into action

Translate your carbon reduction plans into action and take effective measures by focusing on expected emission reductions (CO₂e) and financial returns.

Science-based targets (SBTi)

Set science-based targets and take data-driven decisions to shape your sustainable business strategy.

Involve stakeholders

Report and communicate to all stakeholders (internal and external) on your climate strategy progress and innovations.

Collaborate with peers

Execute your strategy collaboratively reduce your carbon impact and seize business opportunities.

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