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Carboncap: The Story Behind The Tool

Learn what the story is behind the making of Carboncap. Why we created it and how it can help businesses.

Being able to accurately assess your corporate carbon footprint is an essential step in knowing how to make reductions to those emissions. Without reducing our impact on the climate, building a sustainable business is impossible. When it comes to taking bold climate action, the time is now. 

The CDP surveyed some of the world’s largest corporations. They found that the impact of climate change could end up costing these corporations around $1 trillion - unless they take steps now to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Most corporations expect these costs to start becoming apparent within the next five years.

This might all sound a bit doom and gloom, but taking strong action against climate change could result in economic gains of US$26 trillion when compared to the business-as-usual approach. To make these changes, businesses must be able to measure their current impact, so they can take action to reduce it.

That’s why we created our new Carboncap tool.

What is Carboncap?

Calculating a business's carbon footprint has traditionally been carried out in closed environments, involving lots (and lots) of data, reports, and spreadsheets.

Collecting the data in the first place can be a complex and time-consuming task, often requiring collaboration with consultants.

Then once you have your data, there’s often no easy way to disseminate this to your employees, customers, and stakeholders.

We believe that there’s a better way to do this and that’s why we created Carboncap, our new corporate carbon footprinting tool, from the Futureproofed team.

The main benefits of Carboncap fall into three areas:

  • Simplify your CO2 management. Calculating the carbon footprint of a business has traditionally involved a lot of data-heavy research, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and data that’s difficult to disseminate effectively. Using our tool, you can decrease both the complexity of your data analysis, plus the time it takes to measure, analyse, and report your corporate carbon footprint. Win-win.
  • Help you to take action. Once you can see your current carbon footprint easily, the motivation is there to take effective measures to reduce it. By focusing on the expected emission reductions (CO2) and financial returns, you can help play your part in building a fossil-free future. 
  • Foster stakeholder involvement. Carboncap makes it easy to create reports on a range of different metrics. Instead of grappling with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, you can use our intuitive tool to create reports communicating your commitment, progress, and results with employees, customers, investors, and the world.

From the makers at Futureproofed

“Even if we didn’t have a climate crisis, this would still be the smartest way to build our economy.” - Serge de Gheldere, CEO Futureproofed.

As industry experts, we know that calculating the carbon footprint of your business can be a complicated undertaking. If you’ve got a sustainability consultant on hand, or some of your employees are whizzes at Microsoft Excel, you might be okay. But if not, then prepare for a difficult task ahead. 

Despite the challenge behind carbon footprint calculations, we still believe that accelerating towards a fossil-free and sustainable future is the biggest business opportunity in a century. Businesses have the power to choose our carbon future by making the right decisions. So join us on this journey and don’t get left behind. 

For over 15 years our team of experts here at Futureproofed have advised companies on sustainable development, greenhouse gas reduction, and carbon footprinting. Our FutureproofedCities tool helps over 150 cities and regions develop, monitor and implement their climate plans.

We also developed LaunchPad, to provide reliable and up-to-date climate data for European municipalities - completely free of charge. 

Our client list includes Recticel, JBC, Imec, VDK Bank, Deceuninck, KU Leuven, Torfs, and DEME, to name but a few.

Over the year 2020, Futureproofed helped over 150 cities, municipalities, and provinces to not only reduce emissions by 0,998 Mton CO2 in total but also to save €359 million through climate actions like installing solar panels, deep renovating building envelopes, greening the municipal car fleets, or citizens choosing to go car-less

Introducing Carboncap

We’ve also learned from our customers’ changing needs, and we listened when you told us you need an easy-to-use carbon footprinting tool. We developed Carboncap specifically to help you measure, manage, and ultimately reduce your organisation’s CO2 emissions. We also believe it’s important to demystify the process around carbon footprint calculations so that it’s easier to consolidate all your data online.

You can take advantage of features like our guaranteed best quality data, team collaboration, and assessing how facility innovations can reduce your future emissions. If you want to see how your emissions would reduce if you electrified your car fleets, we can provide you with all the details you need to see how much difference this would make, as well as an estimate of the costs involved. 

All of this data is easily accessed via an online dashboard, making it easier than ever before to share your climate commitments with stakeholders and customers. Our Carboncap tool will walk you through all the steps you need to complete to accurately calculate your carbon footprint.      

We know that the climate crisis can seem overwhelming, but here at Carboncap, we believe that accelerating towards a fossil-free, sustainable future is also the biggest business opportunity in a century.

Committing to reducing your footprint transmits strong brand values and shows your customers you’re both ethical and forward-thinking.  

We’ve based our Carboncap tool on an outcome-driven innovation approach: we start with your business challenges and use high-quality data to guide you towards reducing your carbon emissions. All while saving costs, reducing risks, developing new business opportunities, and reinforcing your brand.

Moving towards a fossil-free future by calculating how to reduce your emissions can help you to bring about positive business outcomes, starting now. 

Our vision behind the easy-to-use and intuitive Carboncap tool is that by moving beyond our basic environmental responsibility and actively seeking out opportunities to do more, we can all play our part in creating a fossil-free and sustainable future. 

“It has become unthinkable to have financial bookkeeping without carbon footprinting. Act now to avoid being overtaken by the competition.” - Steven Van Praet, COO Futureproofed.

Imagine a future where hundreds of thousands of local, green jobs are created that cannot be outsourced or replaced by AI. A future where our citizens experience prosperity, comfort, and quality of life. A future where cities and countries become more liveable, resilient, and attractive. These motivations have driven us to create Carboncap so that we can help as many people as possible. Together we can create a carbon reduction roadmap to help you meet your targets.

Book a demo and discover how to calculate and reduce your company's CO2 emissions efficiently, creating business opportunities in the process.